Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Motif #6 and 7

It's been so long since my last post.. I promise I've been tatting! I went to a triangle tatters meeting the end of June. My mom and I got "lost" on the way and found ourselves in this awesome little shop called Shuttles, Needles, and Hooks.

Then the following week we were invited to come tat at this lady's house. It was quite the experience... I'm not too sure if I mean that in a good way or not. I kind of had shuttle tatting shoved at me. I had tried to shuttle tat before but I just couldn't figure it out. I got it this time. I wasn't flipping the stitches before. However, after a week of not putting the shuttles down and not being able to do a simple ring chain ring chain pattern I was at the point of completely giving up. This is the extent of my shuttle tatting. Both patterns are by Yarnplayer.

Luckily for me, the guy in my life knocked some sense into me when he went into my bags and found my needles and took the shuttles from me. I've tatted a few snowflakes recently and started working on these floppy flower pendants. They're tatted around a cabone ring. And in between each picot I have a bead. Having to unthread and rethread my needle  to put a bead on made this process take a long time. Then, I realized, I could do this with a shuttle easily! I was able to do ring chain chain chain chain chain flowers... So my floppy flower pendants are in process of being shuttle tatted! This is a round motif out of Tatting with Anne Orr. It was taking me a tremendous amount of time to tat and I wasn't in the mood for it so it has been set aside. On the right is another pattern from Tatting with Anne Orr. I was testing out some of my exchange thread.

Even though I messed this one up, this is motif #6. This pattern can be found here. I accidently added an extra chain and ring to this piece. This was supposed to turn into a pendant but the beads were just too large for the piece, still it has a nice weight to it. Might get turned into a little bag if I could figure out a way. I made another pendant like from my last post. But in attaching the flowers together it now feels a little mushed. I sewed them together. I'm not too sure how to attach them and keep the 3 dimensional look to them.

The Floppy Flower Pendants are best wound CTM (continuous thread method) with 2 shuttles and beads on both shuttles. I might eventually post the pattern, but I'm sure many other people have tatted similar items. I haven't seen any patterns though. After my first try I had to cut the thread so I am covering the ring by shuttle (which was the most time consuming part with needle anyways) and needle tatting the petals.

This was the first attempt at the pendant.  This was the second, it's just fine but the picots are too long.

This is motif #7. I was just goofing off and trying to tat around these beads individually but, I saw this starting to happen and I let it. I'm not too sure what I am going to use it for yet. I was thinking a bracelet but I'm afraid that it feels very flimsy and would not want it to break. 

While taking all of these photos today, we had a very curious cat that wanted to play with my strings. I present to you Enzi.
Until next time happy tatting!


  1. Wow! I think everything looks great! You have been very busy! I am a shuttle tatter, just learned this year and would probably feel the same about being pushed into needle tatting as you felt about being pushed into shuttle. I originally saw needle tatting, but could only find shuttles at first so after finding videos on youtube that taught shuttle tatting pretty well I went with it and I like it. Stick with what you are comfortable with until you feel a desire of your own to try the other is my suggestion. :) Have a great day!

  2. Thank you. I had wanted to learn how to shuttle tat. So it was not the being pushed into it. It was the attitude that these shuttle tatters had. They completely ignored the fact that both my mom and myself knew how to needle tat, as if needle tatting did not exist as a real form of tatting.

    I did not go the next Saturday and don't think I'll go again. I'll learn to shuttle tat on my own terms and not in such a snobbish and rude environment.

  3. Wow you have done really well and as for shuttle tatting I taught my self and believe me it wasn't easy. I am still learning, I also have done needle tatting and found it really easy. But at the end of the day I prefer the shuttle. Anyway you do what you want and dont worry what other people think!!!!!

  4. Your work is really elegant & well done. I do shuttle tatt, but to me it don't matter if you needle tatt or shuttle tatt, it's still tatting! Don't stop just have fun & do it however you are comfortable to do it.

  5. Paige, you have such beautiful work!

    I particularly like the set of four flowers that you attached to each other (you made the same pattern into a necklace in a previous post).

    I look forward to seeing your next set of photos.

  6. Extraordinary work. I just love it all.

  7. Beautiful work! I just love your pic of Enzi too! Such blue eyes! I have a Blue Mink Tonkinese named Diosa Azul. She will sit on the legrest of my recliner or on my lap and watch the thread, but doesnt play with it much...